• The Crem38 project was born few years ago
    when Emanuela Morrione, after more than ten years of
    experience in the style team of a well-known Italian brand,
    decided to devote herself to her vision of women.

    Emanuela’s research stems from a personal need,
    that of dressing in a practical and functional way,
    but at the same time sophisticated and with well-balanced proportions.

    The name CREM38 is that of a small family boat to which
    the designer is very attached, dating back to the 1970s,
    whose lines and colors have always evoked to her that
    feeling of elegance and freedom.
    • The Crem38 woman has a self-conscious,
      modern and essential, classic and refined vision that
      eschews stereotypes and clichés.

      The lines are minimalist and severe for a femininity alien
      to any frivolity but not without its own seductive severity.

      The collection is designed to create emotions,
      desires and positive moods,
      devoting much time to the research of shapes.

      Thus we find from the soft and informal lines of knitwear,
      to the sharp and structured lines of outerwear,
      to the essential designs and clear structures of skirts and dresses.
      • The design of each collection has a distinct identity,
        marked by the use of natural colors, sharp and rigorous cuts,
        clean lines and full-bodied materials.

        While reflecting seasonal canons, it is intended to be long-lasting.

        For each season a special capsule is designed, characterized by
        strong tones and inspired by ethnic-cultural themes, which with
        its print designs, color impact and techno materials goes to
        break up and enrich the more neutral palette of the main collection.
        • The beauty of the garments is enhanced both by quality fabrics
          such as cashmere and silks, and by craftsmanship
          such as themed embroidery, from the combination of which
          a sophisticated, feminine and unconventional identity comes to life.

          Particular regard has the theme of sustainability, hence extreme care
          and attention in the choice of BIO cottons, rather than recycled cashmere
          or materials produced with high ECO impact.

          All production is strictly Made in Italy and is carried out in
          very reliable and partly owned facilities, the latter working for
          over forty years for major fashion brands.

          A guarantee of quality, passion, craftsmanship and respect.